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Thermoforming - materials
Erkodent offers suitable materials for any application.
Detailed instructions are provided for working with the thermoforming materials in different units.
In our very detailed thermoforming brochure (pdf) you can find more valuable information.
Features of materials and touch-samples are offered in our material card (pdf).
The biocompatibility of the materials is confirmed according to DIN/EN 30993-1. The use of all Erkodent thermoforming materials is harmless to health. All materials are listed by the health authorities and are CE-labeled according to the EU guidelines. These materials are medical products class 1, 93/42/EEC.
  • product list materials with details
  • ---
  • instructions
  • order numbers / material characteristics / application fields of materials in the Erkodent material card (pdf)
  • FAQ
  • Erkoform-3: Foil-data-list with temperatures and cooling times (pdf)
  • Instructions for professionals (pdf: DE, EN, FR)
  • Instructions for patients (pdf: DE, EN, FR)

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