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Day- and nighttime bandage Loryko
LORYKO bandage
The Erkodent LORYKO bandage can be applied to:
  • Hallux valgus
  • painful inflammation of big toe base ankle / head of metatarsus
  • tender spots of big toe base ankle / head of metatarsus
  • deformity of toe 2-5
  • menacing stiffening of base ankle
  • general ache when walking

The Loryko hallux valgus bandage according to OSM LORY by ERKODENT cares for relief of strain for the big toe base ankle.
By doing so inflammations are inhibited and the patient becomes painless.
Application of the Erkodent Loryko bandage features::
  • Loryko pulls back the big toe into normal position
  • Loryko inhibits a new deformation of the big toe after operation
  • Loryko is wearable in strained and unstrained state, therefore a 24 hours relief of strain for a hallux valgus is possible
  • Lorykodoes not limit walking
  • Lorykodoes not impede by disturbing hard parts at the foot
  • Lorykois applicable for right and left
  • Lorykois made of elastic bands
  • the cover for the big toe can be widened for individual needs
  • Loryko is available in 7 sizes (SS, S, M, L, X, XL und XXL) , the size is dependent of the patient´s shoe size

The bandage is applied according to the following criteria:
  • slip the wide band over the foot and position it behind the balls of foot
  • pull the cover for the big toe forward until it can be put over the big toe
  • check the position of the bands on the side
    • the side band has to be positioned to the side of the big toe to bring the tractive force into the right direction
    • is the tractive band too low, the big toe will be bended downwards
    • is the tractive band too high, the big toe will be pulled back into the base ankle
  • now pull back the wide band behind the balls of foot until the desired tractive force effects the big toe
    • the wide band has to be positioned behind the balls of foot, it can be positioned diagonal

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unit of contents
The hallux valgus is a widespread deformation of toes.
The metatarsal shifts towards middle of the body, is positioned fairly unprotected directly under the skin and can be felt easily with the finger.
This is not an exostose.
As well an inflated bursa is palbable, which can be inflammated by (shoe) pressure (source Berkemann Fuß Lexikon (German)).
Illustrations and technical details are non-binding.
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